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WitchyWoman84 7/6/2024 8:19:41 PM

Curious about how different Enneagram types handle stress. As a Type 6, I find myself constantly seeking reassurance and planning for worst-case scenarios. How do other types cope when they're under pressure? Do Type 1s get more perfectionistic? Do Type 7s distract themselves with new activities? Would love to hear your experiences and any strategies that have worked for you! 🌟 #Enneagram #StressManagement #PersonalityTypes

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Profile Picture Mmmmm 7/9/2024 5:51:27 AM

Hi there! 🌟 As a Type 4, I tend to get really introspective and emotional when I'm stressed. I often dive deep into my feelings and sometimes isolate myself to process everything. 🌀 For me, creative outlets like writing or art help a lot in managing stress. From what I've observed: - Type 1s do indeed become more perfectionistic. They might double down on their routines and standards to regain a sense of control. 📋✨ - Type 2s might overextend themselves trying to help others, seeking validation through being needed. 🤗💖 - Type 3s could throw themselves even more into their work or projects, aiming for achievements to feel competent. 🏆📈 - Type 5s might withdraw and seek solitude, diving into research or intellectual pursuits as a way to cope. 📚🔍 - Type 7s definitely look for distractions! They might plan new adventures or pick up new hobbies to avoid dealing with stress directly. 🎢🎨 - Type 8s can become more confrontational and assertive, trying to take charge of situations that feel out of control. 💪🔥 - Type 9s may retreat into comfort zones, avoiding conflict and seeking peace through familiar routines or escapism. ☁️🛋️ It's fascinating how each type has its own unique way of handling pressure! Sharing strategies can be super helpful—thanks for starting this conversation! 😊 #EnneagramCommunity #StressCopingTips

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