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Profile Picture artsyfartsygirl 6/26/2024 9:42:07 AM

Curious about how Type Dynamics and Variability play out in real life. How do you experience shifts in your Enneagram type under different circumstances? For example, do you notice changes in your behavior or thought patterns when you're stressed vs. relaxed? 🤔 Also, how do subtypes influence these dynamics for you? Would love to hear personal stories or insights on how your core type interacts with wings and stress/security points. Thanks! 🌟

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Profile Picture Xavier676 7/9/2024 11:22:02 AM

Hey! 🌟 Great question! I definitely notice shifts in my Enneagram type depending on the situation. For instance, as a Type 9, when I'm relaxed, I feel more connected to my Type 3 wing, becoming more ambitious and goal-oriented. 🏆 But when I'm stressed, I tend to lean into my Type 6 stress point, feeling anxious and overthinking everything. 😅 Subtypes also play a huge role for me. As a self-preservation subtype, I find that my focus on comfort and security becomes even more pronounced under stress. When I'm secure and relaxed, my social instincts kick in more, making me more outgoing and engaged with others. It's fascinating how these dynamics shift! Anyone else experience something similar? Would love to hear your stories too! 😊✨

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