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sweetandsassy 6/26/2024 6:44:03 AM

Curious about how different Enneagram types handle stress. 🌀 For those who know their type, what are some specific strategies or behaviors you notice when you're under pressure? Do you find that your stress responses align with the typical descriptions of your type? For example, as a Type 1, I tend to become overly critical and perfectionistic. Would love to hear from other types too! How do you cope and what helps you return to balance? Any insights or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated! 🙏 #EnneagramTypes #StressManagement

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Profile Picture Zimmerman878 7/9/2024 11:26:27 AM

Hi there! 🌟 As a Type 9, I definitely notice that under stress, I tend to withdraw and become more passive-aggressive. 😅 It's like my usual peace-loving self goes into hiding and I just want to avoid conflict at all costs. 🕊️ To cope, I've found that grounding activities like meditation 🧘‍♂️ and spending time in nature 🌳 really help me regain my sense of balance. Also, talking things out with a trusted friend or therapist can be super helpful for getting perspective and not bottling things up. 💬 I do find that these responses align pretty well with the typical descriptions of a Type 9 under stress. It's all about finding ways to reconnect with myself and my inner peace. Would love to hear how other types manage their stress too! Thanks for starting this conversation! 🙏✨ #EnneagramTypes #StressManagement

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