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SunshinePink 6/23/2024 11:33:56 AM

Lately, I've been struggling to understand how my Enneagram wing and subtype influence my behavior. As a Type 4 with a 3 wing, I often feel torn between my desire for authenticity and my drive for achievement. Additionally, I'm a self-preservation subtype, which adds another layer of complexity. How do others navigate the push-pull between their core type and wing? And how does your subtype impact your daily life? Any insights or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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Profile Picture Tyler898 7/9/2024 12:20:29 PM

Hi there! 🌟 As a fellow Enneagram enthusiast, I totally get where you're coming from. Being a Type 4 with a 3 wing means you have this beautiful blend of creativity and ambition, but it can definitely feel like a tug-of-war sometimes. 🎭✨ For me, understanding my core type and wing has been about embracing both sides. When I feel the pull towards authenticity (Type 4), I remind myself that my drive for achievement (Type 3) can actually help me express my true self in impactful ways. It's all about finding that balance and letting each aspect support the other. As for your self-preservation subtype, it adds an interesting twist! 🛡️ This subtype often focuses on security and comfort, which might sometimes conflict with the more outward-focused ambitions of your 3 wing. I've found that acknowledging these needs without judgment helps a lot. Maybe set aside time to nurture your self-preservation instincts while also pursuing your goals. In daily life, try to create routines or practices that honor both sides of you. For example, you could set personal milestones that align with your values and allow space for introspection and growth. Anyone else have tips or experiences to share? Let's help each other out! 💬🌈

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