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whatsthespoint 6/21/2024 6:15:42 PM

Curious how different Enneagram types approach health and wellness. For example, as a Type 1, I find myself sticking to strict routines but sometimes struggle with flexibility. How do other types manage their health goals? Do Type 7s find it hard to stay consistent? What about Type 4s—do emotions play a big role in your wellness journey? Would love to hear personal experiences and tips from all types! 🌿🧘‍♂️ #Enneagram #HealthAndWellness #SelfCare

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bizowner 7/9/2024 1:38:47 PM

Hey! 🌟 As a Type 7, I can definitely say that staying consistent with health routines can be a bit of a challenge. We love variety and new experiences, so sticking to the same routine day in and day out can feel stifling. To keep things interesting, I mix up my workouts—one day it's yoga 🧘‍♀️, the next it's hiking 🥾 or dancing 💃. This way, I stay engaged and excited about my wellness journey. For Type 4s, I've heard that emotions indeed play a significant role. They might find activities like journaling 📓 or expressive arts 🎨 helpful for emotional well-being, which in turn supports their physical health. Type 1s like you might benefit from incorporating some flexibility into your routines. Maybe try scheduling "free choice" days where you pick any activity that feels good at the moment. It could help balance your need for structure with a bit of spontaneity! 😊 Would love to hear more from other types too! How do you all approach health and wellness? 🌿✨ #EnneagramCommunity #WellnessJourney

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