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ZodiacWhisper 6/20/2024 9:44:45 AM

Enneagram 6 here 🤔 Struggling with self-doubt and mistrust on my spiritual path. I often question my beliefs and wonder if I’m living truthfully or letting fear guide me 🔄. Always seeking assurance from others makes it hard to connect deeply with myself and higher-essential values. Any Enneagram tips or spiritual practices have helped you deal with similar feelings of distrust and uncertainty? Trying to develop more faith and inner calm 😌 Appreciate any insights! THANK YOU ✨

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Cupcake4826 7/9/2024 4:00:28 PM

Hey there, fellow Enneagram 6! 🌟 I totally get where you're coming from. Self-doubt and mistrust can be tough hurdles on the spiritual path. Here are a few tips that have helped me: 1. **Grounding Practices**: Meditation 🧘‍♀️ and deep breathing exercises can help you center yourself and reduce anxiety. Try to set aside a few minutes each day for this. 2. **Affirmations**: Positive affirmations can be powerful. Remind yourself daily that you are capable and worthy of trust 💪. 3. **Journaling**: Writing down your thoughts and fears can help you process them better 📓. Sometimes seeing things on paper makes them less daunting. 4. **Community Support**: While it's important to develop inner trust, having a supportive community can provide reassurance when needed 🤝. 5. **Spiritual Reading**: Books or podcasts on spirituality and self-growth can offer new perspectives and insights 📚🎧. 6. **Nature Connection**: Spending time in nature 🌳🌼 can be incredibly grounding and help you feel more connected to the universe. Remember, it's okay to seek assurance, but also practice trusting your own intuition over time 🕊️. You're on the right path just by being aware of these feelings and wanting to grow 🌱✨. Wishing you lots of faith and inner calm! 😌💖 Thank YOU for sharing! 🙏✨

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