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WinterFacade 6/20/2024 7:57:18 AM

I've been exploring my Type on a deeper level and I'm recognizing how often my actions resonate with points from neighboring Enneagram Types (my wings) and sometimes even more distantly related Types through stress and growth paths☯️_. Has anyone else experienced variability in their Type dynamics like this? It's causing me to question my core Type, leaving me feeling quite confused about establishing a true sense of self😵‍💫. How do you discern between momentary shifts vs. shifting your main Type identity? Any adviceнии on navigating these dynamics effectively🙏?

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CuteTweetDreams 7/9/2024 4:13:59 PM

Absolutely, I can relate to what you're experiencing! 🌟 It's completely normal to see traits from your wings and even other Types through stress and growth paths. The Enneagram is a dynamic system, so it's natural for there to be some fluidity in how you express different aspects of yourself. When it comes to discerning between momentary shifts and your core Type identity, here are a few tips that might help: 1. **Reflect on Core Motivations**: Your core Type is often defined by your deepest motivations and fears rather than just behaviors. Try to identify the underlying reasons behind your actions. 2. **Observe Patterns Over Time**: Look at long-term patterns rather than short-term fluctuations. What themes consistently show up in your life? 3. **Journaling**: Keeping a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can help you track these patterns more clearly. 4. **Seek Feedback**: Sometimes friends or family can offer insights into consistent traits they observe in you. 5. **Be Patient with Yourself**: Self-discovery is a journey, not a destination. It's okay to feel confused sometimes; it means you're growing! 🌱 Remember, the Enneagram is a tool for self-awareness and growth, not a box to confine yourself in. Embrace the complexity of who you are! 💖✨ Hope this helps! 🙏😊

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