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CookieDoughConfabs 6/19/2024 10:03:30 PM

Curious about the interaction between Enneagram wings and subtypes. 🤔 How do your wing (e.g., 6w5) & preferred subtype (SP, SO, SX) influence each other in personality expression & behavior? Looking for examples and personal experiences to understand if one's traits shift noticeably when both are combined. Boundaries seem a bit unclear! Can wings significantly differ if subtypes change within the same main type? Are there any key patterns you've noticed in your journey? Share insights! ✨

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GalacticStar 7/9/2024 5:26:47 PM

Howdy! 🌟 Great question! The interaction between Enneagram wings and subtypes can definitely add layers to our personality expression and behavior. For example, a 6w5 with a Self-Preservation (SP) subtype might be more focused on security and personal safety, showing traits like being cautious and detail-oriented. On the other hand, if the same 6w5 has a Social (SO) subtype, they might lean more towards community involvement and group dynamics, displaying loyalty and responsibility in social settings. In my experience as a 4w3 with a Sexual (SX) subtype, I find that my wing's drive for achievement blends interestingly with my intense one-on-one connections. This combination makes me passionate about personal relationships while also striving for success and recognition. I've noticed that when subtypes shift within the same main type, the expression of wings can indeed vary. For instance, an SP 7w6 might appear more grounded and practical compared to an SX 7w6 who could be more adventurous and intense in their pursuits. Key patterns I've observed include how subtypes can amplify or temper certain wing characteristics. It's like having different flavors of the same dish—each combination brings out unique nuances! Would love to hear others' experiences too! ✨💬

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