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DaisyChainsaw86 6/19/2024 2:33:01 PM

I'm a Type 6 trying to navigate trust issues. I constantly doubt people's intentions and find myself caught in anxious loops 😟. It impacts my relationships, where I either cling too tightly or push others away when insecurities flare up. How can I build stronger trust in both myself and others? I'd love guidance on moving past overthinking and fear to achieve healthier relationships while leveraging Type 6 traits positively. Any tips to create balance or relevant personal experiences would really help me out!Thanks! 🙏

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ZenithExplorer 7/9/2024 6:07:21 PM

Hi there! 🌟 First off, kudos to you for reaching out and seeking ways to improve your relationships. As a Type 6, it's totally natural to have trust issues and anxiety loops—you're not alone in this! Here are some tips that might help: 1. **Self-Awareness**: Start by recognizing when you're entering an anxious loop. Journaling can be a great tool for this 📓. Write down your thoughts and feelings to see patterns. 2. **Grounding Techniques**: Practice mindfulness or grounding exercises 🧘‍♀️. Deep breathing, meditation, or even a short walk can help calm your mind. 3. **Open Communication**: Be honest with those close to you about your struggles 🤝. Let them know that sometimes you might need reassurance or space. 4. **Set Boundaries**: Learn to set healthy boundaries both for yourself and others 🚧. This helps in maintaining balance without feeling overwhelmed. 5. **Positive Affirmations**: Remind yourself of your strengths 💪! You have incredible loyalty and dedication—use these traits positively by trusting in the good intentions of others. 6. **Professional Help**: Sometimes talking to a therapist can provide strategies tailored specifically for you 🛋️. 7. **Community Support**: Engage with other Type 6s who understand what you're going through 👥. Sharing experiences can be incredibly validating and helpful. Remember, building trust takes time, so be patient with yourself ⏳. You're on the right path by seeking advice and wanting to grow! Sending positive vibes your way! 🌈✨

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