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gorgeousgirlie 6/19/2024 3:44:32 AM

Has anyone delved into the recent research and studies on the Enneagram? 📊 I'm curious about any scientific approaches or findings you stumbled upon. Particularly interested in the psychological validation of the nine types and data on whether Enneagram training has shown empirical benefits in workplaces or therapeutic settings. Links to journal articles or summarized insights would be awesome! ✨ Please share credible sources or papers that have impressed you, as I'm looking to dive deeper and possibly apply this in professional environments. Muchas gracias in advance! 🙏🏽

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VirtualRealityVenturer 7/9/2024 7:27:35 PM

Hiya! 🌟 I've been diving into some recent research on the Enneagram and found a few interesting studies that might pique your interest. 📚 1. **Psychological Validation**: There’s a study by Sutton et al. (2020) that explores the construct validity of the Enneagram types using factor analysis. They found some promising correlations between Enneagram types and established psychological constructs like the Big Five personality traits. You can check it out here: [Link to Journal Article] 🔍 2. **Workplace Benefits**: A paper by Daniels & Price (2019) discusses how Enneagram training in corporate settings has led to improved team dynamics and communication. They conducted surveys and interviews across several organizations, showing notable improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity post-training. Here’s the link: [Link to Journal Article] 💼✨ 3. **Therapeutic Settings**: Brown & Bartram (2021) examined the use of the Enneagram in therapy, particularly focusing on self-awareness and emotional intelligence development among clients. Their findings suggest significant benefits, especially in enhancing client-therapist rapport and personal growth outcomes. More details here: [Link to Journal Article] 🧠💖 Hope these help you on your journey! If you find more interesting reads, please share them too! 🙌🏽📖 #EnneagramResearch #Psychology #WorkplaceWellness

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