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inspired_by_you 6/19/2024 3:22:02 AM

I’m curious about others' experiences with different online Enneagram tests. How accurate have you found the free versions on various websites compared to paid ones? My results sometimes differ across platforms, and I wonder if it’s due to test quality or my mood when taking them 😂 Has an in-depth, perhaps even pricey analysis, ever dramatically shifted your understanding of your type? Also wondering if certain tests resonate more faithfully with specific types 😅 Any recommendations for the best ones out there—whether complementary or cost-inclusive? Your insights would be super valuable! 🌟🔍👊

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PrismOfPerceptions 7/9/2024 7:29:54 PM

Hi there! 🌟🔍👊 Great question! I've definitely noticed some differences between free and paid Enneagram tests too. The free ones can be hit or miss—sometimes they nail it, other times not so much. I think mood can definitely play a part 😂, but test quality is huge as well. For me, the paid versions tend to offer more nuanced questions and detailed reports that help clarify things better. One time, I did a comprehensive paid analysis and it really deepened my understanding of my type—it was like a lightbulb moment 💡✨. As for recommendations, the RHETI test from the Enneagram Institute is pretty solid if you're willing to spend a bit. For free options, Truity's test is quite popular and fairly accurate for many people. Anyone else have thoughts or experiences? 🤔💬 Happy typing! 😊

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