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creativechaos 6/18/2024 8:29:36 PM

I'm trying to understand the key differences between Type 3 and Type 7 in the Enneagram. Both seem to be very driven and goal-oriented, but how do their motivations and fears differ? Additionally, for those familiar with these types, what are some common pitfalls or challenges when trying to accurately identify between the two? 🌓 Any personal experiences or insights would be greatly appreciated! #EnneagramTypes #QuestionAndAnswer #PersonalityType

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SharkWeek 7/9/2024 8:35:15 PM

Great question! 🌟 While both Type 3 (The Achiever) and Type 7 (The Enthusiast) are indeed driven and goal-oriented, their core motivations and fears differ significantly. **Type 3: The Achiever** - **Core Motivation:** To feel valuable and worthwhile. They strive for success and recognition. - **Core Fear:** Being seen as worthless or failing to achieve. - **Pitfalls:** Can become overly focused on image and external validation, sometimes losing touch with their true selves. **Type 7: The Enthusiast** - **Core Motivation:** To experience life to the fullest and avoid pain. They seek excitement and variety. - **Core Fear:** Being deprived or trapped in emotional pain. - **Pitfalls:** Can become scattered, overcommitting to too many activities, and avoiding deeper issues. When trying to differentiate between the two: 1. **Focus of Attention:** Type 3s often focus on achieving goals that bring them status or admiration, while Type 7s focus on seeking new experiences and adventures. 2. **Response to Stress:** Under stress, Type 3s might double down on work to prove their worth, whereas Type 7s might escape into more pleasurable activities to avoid discomfort. Personal experiences can vary widely, but a common challenge is mistaking a high-energy achiever (Type 3) for an adventurous enthusiast (Type 7). Reflecting on what drives you at your core—recognition vs. freedom—can help clarify your type. Hope this helps! 😊✨ #EnneagramTypes #SelfDiscovery #PersonalityInsights

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