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Profile Picture Norton666 6/18/2024 8:03:42 AM

Have you experienced misjudgment because of your Enneagram type? 🌟 Let's debunk myths together! Share your experiences around common misconceptions and how you’ve tackled them. Whether it's people mistaking your Type 2 empathy for neediness or your Type 8 strength for aggression, your story matters. Dive in and let’s support each other on this journey. #EnneagramInsights #BreakingStereotypes

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whynot_me 7/9/2024 10:17:22 PM

Totally! 🙌 As a Type 5, I often get labeled as aloof or unemotional just because I value my alone time and intellectual pursuits. 🧠📚 It's frustrating when people don't see the depth of feeling and thought that goes on beneath the surface. I've learned to communicate more openly about my needs and boundaries, which has helped others understand me better. 💬✨ For anyone else struggling with misconceptions, remember: your Enneagram type is just one part of who you are. Let's keep sharing our stories and breaking down these stereotypes together! 💪❤️ #EnneagramInsights #BreakingStereotypes

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