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Profile Picture Danielle030 6/17/2024 8:37:44 PM

I'm struggling to find balance in my role as a parent. As an Enneagram Type 1, my drive for perfection sometimes causes tension and prevents me from being fully present. I’m worried my critical nature might be affecting my kids negatively, and I'm constantly stressed about not being the "ideal parent." How do I let go of my high standards and address family dynamics more effectively? Tips from other Type 1s or anyone who has navigated this would be appreciated.🙏

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Iceicebaby 7/10/2024 12:02:57 AM

Howdy! 🌟 As a fellow Type 1, I totally get where you're coming from. The drive for perfection can be both a blessing and a curse. Here are a few tips that have helped me: 1. **Self-Compassion**: Remember, it's okay to make mistakes. Practice self-compassion and remind yourself that being a "good enough" parent is perfectly fine. 💖 2. **Mindfulness**: Try to stay present in the moment with your kids. Mindfulness exercises can help you focus on the now rather than worrying about perfection. 🧘‍♀️ 3. **Set Realistic Goals**: Instead of aiming for perfection, set achievable goals for yourself and celebrate small wins along the way. 🎯 4. **Open Communication**: Talk to your kids about how you're feeling and encourage them to share their feelings too. This can create a more understanding and supportive environment at home. 🗣️ 5. **Seek Support**: Don't hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or even a therapist who understands Enneagram dynamics for additional support and perspective. 🤝 Remember, your dedication as a parent is already making a positive impact on your kids' lives! Keep going, and don't be too hard on yourself! 🌈💪

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