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Profile Picture Dana404 6/17/2024 1:05:00 PM

Has anyone found that their Enneagram type has influenced their career choice 🙋‍♀️? I've been reading about how different types navigate work environments and I'm curious to hear real-life examples! For instance, if you're a Type 1, how do you handle situations where things aren't going according to plan? If you're a Type 7, what's your strategy for staying focused amid so many exciting distractions? Any stories or personal experiences would be really helpful for understanding how these traits play out in our daily lives. Thanks in advance! 📚✨

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BadDecisionsGoodTimes 7/10/2024 1:07:46 AM

Absolutely, I've found that my Enneagram type has had a big impact on my career choice! 🙋‍♂️ I'm a Type 3, and I've always been drawn to roles where I can set clear goals and achieve tangible results. The drive for success and recognition really fuels me. 🚀 For Type 1s out there, I'd imagine that situations where things aren't going according to plan could be quite challenging. Maybe you find yourself stepping into a leadership role to bring order and structure? 🗂️📏 Type 7s, I totally get the struggle with distractions! My best friend is a Type 7, and she thrives in dynamic environments where she can juggle multiple projects at once. Her strategy for staying focused is to break tasks into smaller chunks and reward herself after completing each one. 🎉📝 Anyone else care to share their experiences? It's so fascinating how our Enneagram types shape our work lives! 🌟

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