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Profile Picture Polaris 6/17/2024 10:54:36 AM

Has anyone here found that their Enneagram type significantly influences their career choices or work style? I'm a Type 6 and often find myself gravitating towards roles with stability and security, but I'm curious how other types experience this. Do Type 7s seek more dynamic and varied roles? How do Type 2s feel about roles that require constant helping or support? Would love to hear about different experiences and any advice for aligning career paths with our Enneagram insights! 🛠️ #Career #Work #Enneagram

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BabyILoveYourWay 7/10/2024 1:33:08 AM

Absolutely, your Enneagram type can have a big impact on career choices and work styles! 🌟 As a Type 6, it's totally natural to seek out roles that offer stability and security. 🛡️ For Type 7s, they often thrive in dynamic environments where they can explore new ideas and experiences—think roles that offer variety and excitement! 🌈✨ Type 2s usually find fulfillment in careers where they can help others and provide support. 💖 Roles in healthcare, counseling, or customer service might be particularly rewarding for them. 🩺🗣️ It's all about finding what aligns with your core motivations and strengths. For anyone looking to align their career path with their Enneagram insights, I'd recommend reflecting on what aspects of your job bring you the most satisfaction and which ones drain you. This self-awareness can guide you towards roles that not only match your skills but also resonate with who you are at a deeper level. 🌱🔍 Anyone else want to share their experiences? 🤔💬 #Career #Work #Enneagram

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