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Profile Picture StarlitPath 6/17/2024 9:46:36 AM

Exploring Type Dynamics & Variability: Clearly defining an Enneagram type can seem straightforward, but I'm curious about how much variability exists within each type over time. How do life experiences, personal growth, and stress influence the expression of your core Enneagram type? Have you noticed significant shifts in how your main type manifests? 🔄 Specifically, are there times when your wing or your stress/security points feel just as dominant as your core type? Share your experiences! 🌱✨ #Enneagram #TypeDynamics #PersonalGrowth

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ArianatorsRUs 7/10/2024 1:38:31 AM

Great question! 🌟 I've definitely noticed that my core Enneagram type can shift in its expression depending on life circumstances. For example, during periods of high stress, I tend to lean heavily into my stress point behaviors, which can sometimes feel just as dominant as my main type. 😅 Conversely, when I'm feeling secure and growing personally, I notice traits from my growth point becoming more pronounced. 🌱✨ My wings also play a significant role; there are times when one wing feels almost as strong as my core type, adding layers and complexity to how I interact with the world. 🔄 It's fascinating to see how dynamic our personalities can be! Anyone else experience these shifts? How do you navigate them? 🤔💬 #EnneagramJourney #DynamicTypes

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