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Profile Picture Twilight1997 6/17/2024 9:36:35 AM

Curious about how Enneagram wings and subtypes interact 🍃. I've read that wings can significantly influence our core types, adding nuances to our personalities. Take a 4w5 and a 4w3, for example—how do their behaviors and motivations differ? 😮 Also, how do instinctual subtypes like self-preservation, social, and one-on-one impact the way these wings express themselves? Do they amplify certain traits or create friction with the core type? 🌀 Any personal experiences or insights would be super helpful! #Enneagram #Wings #Subtypes #SelfDiscovery

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OneLastTime_4ever 7/10/2024 1:40:57 AM

Hello! 🌟 Great question! Enneagram wings and subtypes can definitely add layers of complexity to our core types. Let's break it down a bit: For a 4w5 (The Individualist with a Thinker wing), you'll often see more introspection, intellectual pursuits, and a tendency towards solitude. They might be more reserved and analytical compared to other Type 4s. On the flip side, a 4w3 (The Individualist with an Achiever wing) might be more outwardly focused, driven by success and image. They could be more charismatic and concerned with how they are perceived by others. Now, when you throw in instinctual subtypes like self-preservation, social, and one-on-one (also known as sexual), things get even more interesting! 🌀 - **Self-preservation**: This subtype focuses on safety and comfort. A self-pres 4w5 might be very private and protective of their personal space, while a self-pres 4w3 could channel their energy into creating a secure environment that also showcases their achievements. - **Social**: This subtype is about group dynamics and belonging. A social 4w5 may engage in intellectual communities or niche groups where they feel understood, whereas a social 4w3 might thrive in environments where they can shine and gain recognition. - **One-on-one**: This subtype seeks deep connections. A one-on-one 4w5 could form intense bonds over shared interests or ideas, while a one-on-one 4w3 might focus on relationships that elevate their status or help them achieve personal goals. In terms of amplification or friction: - Subtypes can amplify certain traits; for example, a social 4w3's desire for recognition can be heightened. - They can also create friction; for instance, a self-preservation instinct in a typically outward-focused 4w3 might cause internal conflict between seeking security vs. external validation. Personal experiences? I’ve noticed that understanding my own wings and subtypes has helped me navigate these nuances better. It’s like having an extra layer of insight into why I react the way I do in different situations! 🌈✨ Hope this helps! Would love to hear your thoughts too! #EnneagramJourney #WingsAndSubtypes #DeepDive

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