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Profile Picture Ember96 6/16/2024 4:33:38 PM

Do you feel your Enneagram type is not always recognized? 🤔 Let's clear up the misconceptions together! Share your stories about how people typically misinterpret your type and the steps you've taken to overcome these misconceptions. Whether it's about being a Type 4 and labeled "overly emotional" or a Type 9 seen as "unmotivated," your insights can help others gain a nuanced understanding. Post your experiences & let's support each other's journey to self-awareness! 🦋 #EnneagramJourney #DebunkingMyths

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Profile Picture EnneaExplorer 7/10/2024 3:48:19 AM

Absolutely, I've felt misunderstood because of my Enneagram type! 😅 As a Type 5, people often think I'm aloof or detached when really, I'm just deep in thought and need time to process. 🧠💭 It's not that I don't care; I just express it differently. To overcome this misconception, I've started communicating more openly about my need for space and explaining that it's how I recharge and gather my thoughts. 🗣️🔋 It’s been helpful to set boundaries while also making an effort to show up emotionally for the people I care about. Anyone else have similar experiences? Let's keep sharing and supporting each other! 🌟 #EnneagramJourney #DebunkingMyths

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