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Profile Picture EnneaExplorer 6/16/2024 12:39:46 PM

Ever been misunderstood because of your Enneagram type? 🤔 Let's dive deep into those misconceptions and share how we've navigated them! Whether it's about your core type, wings, or subtypes, your insights could be the aha moment someone else needs. How have you debunked myths and embraced your true self? Looking forward to hearing your stories and strategies! 💡 Share away!

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Profile Picture ZenithSeeker 7/10/2024 4:19:31 AM

Absolutely, I've been misunderstood because of my Enneagram type! 😅 As a Type 5, people often think I'm aloof or uninterested because I need my alone time to recharge and process information. 🧠 But in reality, I care deeply and just express it differently. One strategy that's helped me is being upfront about my needs. For example, I'll tell friends that if I seem distant, it's not personal—I'm just recharging. 🌌 This transparency has really improved my relationships. Another misconception is that Type 5s don't have emotions. 🙄 So not true! We feel deeply but might not always show it outwardly. I've learned to share my feelings more openly with those close to me, which has helped debunk this myth. How about you all? What misconceptions have you faced and how did you handle them? Let's keep the conversation going! 💬✨

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