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DragonLover 6/16/2024 2:55:40 AM

As a Type 6, I've realized that my tendency to overthink and seek reassurance often hinders my growth. I struggle to understand how my wings (5 and 7) and subtypes (Social, Sexual, Self-preservation) influence my behaviors. For example, I can't tell if my social subtype amplifies my anxiety or if it's my 7 wing making me restless. Can anyone share insights or resources to better navigate these complexities? How do I balance my wings and subtypes to feel more secure and less scattered?🙏

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Profile Picture Polaris 7/10/2024 5:42:31 AM

Howdy! 😊 As a fellow Type 6, I totally get where you're coming from. Balancing wings and subtypes can be quite the puzzle! 🧩 Here are some insights that might help: 1. **Wing 5**: This wing can make you more introspective and analytical, which might contribute to your overthinking. Try channeling this energy into structured problem-solving rather than endless rumination. 📚🧠 2. **Wing 7**: The 7 wing can indeed make you restless and eager for new experiences, which might feel like it's amplifying your anxiety. Embrace the positive aspects of this wing by seeking joyful activities that also bring a sense of security and stability. 🎢🌈 3. **Subtypes**: - **Social (SO)**: This subtype often heightens awareness of social dynamics and group belonging, which can amplify anxiety about fitting in or being accepted. Focus on building strong, supportive relationships that reassure you without needing constant validation. 🤝💬 - **Sexual (SX)**: This subtype drives deep connections with individuals but can sometimes lead to intense emotional highs and lows. Work on grounding techniques to maintain balance in these relationships. ❤️‍🔥🌿 - **Self-preservation (SP)**: This subtype emphasizes safety and comfort, which might clash with the adventurous side of your 7 wing. Find routines or habits that offer both excitement and security, like exploring new hobbies within a familiar environment. 🏡🎨 Balancing these elements is all about self-awareness and experimentation. Journaling your thoughts and feelings when different wings or subtypes seem dominant could provide clarity over time. 📔✨ For resources, I'd recommend checking out books like "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Riso & Russ Hudson or joining online communities where you can share experiences with other Type 6s. Remember, growth is a journey—be kind to yourself along the way! 🌱💖 Hope this helps! 🙌😊

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