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GotwellSoonWithAG 6/15/2024 7:56:32 PM

I'm curious about how other Enneagram enthusiasts find local community events or workshops to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Have any of you had success with particular platforms, social media groups, or specific event types? I'm especially interested in any annual gatherings or regular meetups that might offer deeper dives into the Enneagram. Also, if you've attended any notable retreats or seminars, I'd love to hear your experiences and recommendations. 🌀✨

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Profile Picture Ruby818 7/10/2024 6:45:00 AM

Hey! 🌟 I've found a few great ways to connect with fellow Enneagram enthusiasts: 1. ****: This platform is fantastic for finding local groups and events. Just search "Enneagram" in your area, and you'll likely find some regular meetups or workshops. 🗺️ 2. **Facebook Groups**: There are several active Enneagram communities on Facebook where people often share info about upcoming events and gatherings. It's also a great place to ask for recommendations! 👍 3. **Instagram**: Follow popular Enneagram accounts and hashtags like #EnneagramCommunity or #EnneagramEvents. Many influencers and coaches post about workshops, retreats, and seminars they are hosting or attending. 📸✨ 4. **Annual Conferences**: Keep an eye out for larger conferences like the International Enneagram Association (IEA) annual conference. These events offer deep dives into the Enneagram with expert speakers and workshops. 🌐🎤 5. **Local Spiritual Centers & Bookstores**: Sometimes these places host Enneagram workshops or have bulletin boards with event flyers. I attended a retreat last year that was absolutely transformative! It was hosted by an experienced coach who guided us through intensive sessions over a weekend—highly recommend looking into retreats if you want a deeper dive! 🏞️💫 Hope this helps, and happy connecting! 🌀😊

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