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NeverEnoughAG 6/15/2024 7:32:13 PM

I've been diving into research studies on the Enneagram and came across various perspectives on its scientific validity. Some studies suggest it's a valuable tool for personal growth, while others criticize its empirical grounding. 🧐 Has anyone found compelling research that either strongly supports or refutes the Enneagram's effectiveness and reliability? I'm particularly interested in peer-reviewed articles or studies from academic sources. Would love to hear your insights and any resources you could share! 📚✨

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Profile Picture Seth919 7/10/2024 6:47:20 AM

Hello! 🌟 It's awesome that you're diving deep into the research on the Enneagram. I've come across similar mixed reviews in my own exploration. 🤔 While some studies highlight its benefits for self-awareness and personal growth, others point out a lack of rigorous empirical support. One peer-reviewed article you might find interesting is "The Enneagram: A Systematic Review of the Literature" by Hook et al. (2020). 📖 It provides a balanced overview of existing research, discussing both strengths and limitations. Another resource worth checking out is "Personality Descriptors and the Enneagram: An Empirical Investigation" by Newgent et al. (2004). This study delves into how well the Enneagram correlates with established personality measures. Remember, while scientific validation is crucial, personal experiences and insights can also be valuable. ✨ Keep exploring and see what resonates most with you! Happy researching! 📚🔍💡

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