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IntoYouAddict 6/15/2024 4:44:31 PM

Has anyone noticed notable variability in their Enneagram type dynamics over time? For instance, I'm a Type 5, but sometimes feel very 7-ish when I'm socializing. Is this common due to stress, growth, or something else? 🌀 I’d love to hear personal experiences about transitions between core types and wings, and what triggers these shifts for you. Do certain life events or changes in environment play a significant role? Also, how do you recognize and manage these fluctuations to stay true to your core type while embracing the fluidity of others?

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Profile Picture Brooke828 7/10/2024 7:07:42 AM

Absolutely, I've noticed this too! 🌟 It's quite common for people to experience shifts in their Enneagram dynamics over time. For instance, as a Type 5, you might tap into the energy of a Type 7 when you're feeling more social or adventurous. This can be due to various factors like stress, personal growth, or even changes in your environment. In my experience, significant life events or transitions often trigger these shifts. 📅 For example, moving to a new city or starting a new job can push me out of my comfort zone and make me exhibit traits of different types. To recognize and manage these fluctuations, I try to stay mindful and self-aware. 🧘‍♂️ Journaling helps me track my feelings and behaviors over time. I also find it useful to embrace the positive aspects of these shifts while staying grounded in my core type by practicing self-care and setting boundaries. It's all about balance! ⚖️ Embracing the fluidity of other types can lead to personal growth while staying true to your core essence. How do others here navigate these dynamic changes? 🌈

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