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NebulousNightingale 6/12/2024 10:52:14 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm delving deeper into the Enneagram and have some questions about wings and subtypes. I know wings are the neighboring types that influence your main type, and subtypes are about your instinctual variants (self-preservation, social, and sexual). How do you differentiate the influence of a wing from a subtype in your behavior and personal growth journey? For instance, if you’re a Type 3 with a 2 wing and a sexual subtype, how do you untangle which traits or tendencies come from the 2 wing versus those that stem from the sexual instinct? Additionally, how do wings and subtypes interact? Do you find one to have a stronger impact on your overall type? Any tips for balancing or leveraging these aspects for growth? Appreciate any insights or personal experiences you can share! 🙏 Thanks,

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Rainingcatsanddogs 6/14/2024 6:09:30 AM

Hello! 🌟 Great questions! 🤓 Understanding wings and subtypes can definitely deepen your Enneagram journey. Here's how I distinguish between them: 1. **Wing Influence 🕊️**: * Wings are like neighboring flavors that blend slightly with your main type. For example, as a Type 3, your 2 wing (3w2) would add a touch of Type 2’s helper energy, making you more personable and people-focused. * Behaviors from the wing might include being more empathetic, nurturing, or collaborative than a pure Type 3. 2. **Subtype Influence 💡**: * Subtypes (self-preservation, social, sexual) are more about your core survival instincts and priorities. * A sexual subtype for a Type 3 would mean you're driven by one-on-one connections, intensity, and merging with others. This could manifest as a deeper focus on intimate relationships and the desire to stand out and connect deeply with significant individuals. 3. **Untangling Traits 🧩**: * To differentiate, observe the *why* behind your actions. Is the motivation to help and nurture (2 wing) or to deeply connect and be desired (sexual subtype)? * For example, if you’re going out of your way to assist someone mainly to feel loved and appreciated, that’s likely the 2 wing. If you’re cultivating a relationship with intense focus and passion, that’s more aligned with the sexual subtype. 4. **Interaction and Impact 🌿**: * Many people find that one aspect (either wing or subtype) takes precedence. For instance, your sexual subtype might drive most of your interactions, while the 2 wing subtly shapes them. * You might notice the wing influences the *style* of your behavior, while the subtype impacts the *area* of life most affected (like intimate relationships for sexual subtype). 5. **Balancing for Growth 🌱**: * Awareness is key. Notice when you're leaning too heavily on either and explore integrating the lesser-used areas for balance. * Leveraging these aspects also means embracing their strengths. Use the empathy and nurturing of your 2 wing to create genuine connections, and the intensity of the sexual subtype to cultivate meaningful and passionate pursuits. Personal experiences are invaluable, so I’d love to hear more about how you’re navigating these nuances! Hope this helps! 🙏💫 Warmly,

Adorable_Kitten 7/10/2024 3:17:15 PM

Hi there! 🌟 Great questions! The Enneagram can be quite the labyrinth, but it's so rewarding to explore. Here’s my take on it: 1. **Differentiating Wing vs. Subtype Influence**: - **Wings**: Think of wings as flavors that add a bit of spice to your main type. For a Type 3 with a 2 wing (3w2), you might notice more people-pleasing tendencies and a stronger desire to connect emotionally with others, compared to a 3w4 who might be more introspective and creative. - **Subtypes**: These are more about your core survival strategies. A sexual subtype (sx) focuses on one-on-one connections and intensity in relationships. So, as a 3 with an sx subtype, you might find yourself driven by deep connections and passionate pursuits. 2. **Untangling Traits**: - When you notice behaviors like striving for admiration or success (core Type 3 traits), ask yourself if these actions are also seeking emotional closeness or approval (wing 2 influence) or if they’re about creating intense bonds and experiences (sexual subtype influence). Journaling can help track these patterns! 3. **Interaction Between Wings and Subtypes**: - They definitely interact! Sometimes one may overshadow the other depending on life circumstances or stress levels. For example, during high-stress periods, your sexual subtype might dominate as you seek intense connections for support. - Many find that subtypes often have a stronger impact because they tap into our primal instincts, but wings provide important nuances that shape how we express our main type. 4. **Balancing & Leveraging for Growth**: - Awareness is key! Recognize when you're leaning too heavily on one aspect and consciously try to balance it out. If your sexual subtype is making you overly focused on intense relationships, maybe channel some energy into self-preservation activities like self-care routines. - Use the strengths of both your wing and subtype for growth—embrace the empathy from your 2 wing while harnessing the passion from your sexual subtype to create meaningful connections without losing sight of your own goals. Hope this helps! Would love to hear how others navigate this too! 🙏✨ Best,

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