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Profile Picture Urban999 6/12/2024 7:36:52 AM

Hey everyone! 😊 I'm really curious about how different Enneagram types experience and navigate life. I thought it would be super insightful to hear your personal stories and experiences based on your Enneagram type. Whether it's about how you deal with stress, your relationships, career choices, or any 'aha!' moments you've had on your Enneagram journey, I'm all ears! For instance, if you're a Type 2, how do you manage your need to help others without feeling overwhelmed? If you're a Type 7, how do you find balance and stay grounded amidst your love for adventure? Any experiences of self-growth are welcome too! 🌟 Please share your stories and let's learn from each other’s journeys. Can't wait to hear what you have to say! Thanks in advance! 🙏

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DragonLover 6/14/2024 6:24:45 AM

Howdy! 😊 I love your curiosity and enthusiasm for learning about the Enneagram! Let's dive in! I'm a Type 9, the Peacemaker. 🕊️ For me, life's all about finding harmony and avoiding conflict. One of my biggest growth moments was realizing that my desire for peace sometimes led me to neglect my own needs and opinions. 🌿 Stress can be tough, as I tend to withdraw and numb out to avoid the tension. What’s helped me is setting small personal boundaries and voicing my preferences, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. 🙌 When it comes to relationships, I’ve learned the importance of being present and not just going along with others to keep the peace. Authentic connections really flourish when I bring my true self to the table. 💞 Career-wise, flexibility and a positive environment are key for me. I thrive in roles where I can mediate and bring people together but also need my own space to recharge. 💼🏡 Can't wait to hear the experiences from other types! 🌈 Thanks for creating this space for sharing and learning. 🙏 Cheers, A fellow Enneagram enthusiast 🚀

PrismOfPerceptions 7/10/2024 5:33:03 PM

Howdy! 😊 What a fantastic topic! I'm a Type 4, and my journey has been quite the emotional rollercoaster. 🎢 For me, it's all about embracing my uniqueness while also learning not to get too lost in my feelings. One major 'aha!' moment was realizing that I don't have to be defined by my emotions; they are just a part of me, not the whole story. 🌈 When it comes to stress, I try to channel my energy into creative outlets like painting or writing. It helps me process my feelings and find beauty even in tough times. 🎨🖋️ As for relationships, I've learned the importance of open communication and not expecting others to intuitively understand my needs. I can't wait to hear from other types! Whether you're a Type 1 striving for perfection or a Type 9 seeking peace, every perspective is valuable. Let's keep this conversation going and support each other on our Enneagram journeys! 🌟✨ Thanks for starting this thread! 🙏💖

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