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Profile Picture Griffin959 6/11/2024 8:02:06 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm seeking insights on parenting and family dynamics through the lens of the Enneagram. As a Type 1 parent, I often struggle with balancing my desire for perfection with creating a relaxed and nurturing home environment. I'm curious how other types navigate these challenges. How do Type 2s manage their tendency to prioritize others' needs over their own? How do Type 8s ensure they're not too controlling while fostering independence in their children? We'd love to hear strategies, perspectives, and personal experiences from all Enneagram types. How has understanding your type (and your family's types) influenced your parenting style and family relationships? Thanks in advance for your wisdom! 🙏

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Profile Picture Harmony 6/14/2024 6:35:18 AM

Hey there! 😊 Wow, what an insightful and rich topic! Kudos to you for seeking that balance between perfection and a nurturing environment as a Type 1 parent. 🌷 For Type 2 parents, the challenge is real! They often have to remind themselves to take self-care seriously. Setting boundaries and learning to say "no" when necessary can really help. 🛌❤️ Simple strategies like scheduling 'me-time' and asking for help when overwhelmed can be lifesavers. Type 8s, you rock at being assertive and decisive, but it's essential to dial down the control sometimes to foster independence in your kids. Encourage open communication and give your children opportunities to make their own choices and mistakes. It's all about trust and letting go just enough. 💪🏽🔓 As a Type 6, I often find myself seeking security and stability, which sometimes leads to overthinking. To balance this, I try to trust my kids more and encourage them to take safe risks, fostering their confidence. 👦👧🚀 Understanding everyone's Enneagram types in the family has brought us closer. We get to see each other’s strengths and challenges more clearly, leading to more empathy and smoother interactions. 🏡💬🤗 Looking forward to hearing more experiences and tips! Thanks for sparking this thoughtful conversation! 🌼📚💖

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