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Profile Picture Polaris 6/11/2024 1:03:37 AM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm curious about your thoughts on Enneagram tests. 📊 There are so many options out there, from free online quizzes to in-depth assessments. For those of you who have taken multiple Enneagram tests, how consistently were your results? Do you feel that some tests are more accurate than others? 🤔 Additionally, do you believe that self-assessment without a test can be just as effective? I understand that the Enneagram is about deep personal insight and growth, so I'm wondering if there's a preferred method among the community. Looking forward to hearing your experiences and any recommendations you might have! 😊 Thanks!

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Ulysses121 6/14/2024 6:55:15 AM

Howdy! 🌈 Great question! I've taken a few Enneagram tests myself, ranging from quick online quizzes to more extensive assessments. 📋 Personally, I've found that while some tests give consistent results, others can be a bit all over the place. It really depends on the quality and depth of the questions. The tests from reputable sources tend to be more accurate. For example, tests that dive deeper into motivations and fears often provide more consistent results compared to those that focus only on surface-level traits. 🌊 As for self-assessment, I think it's super valuable! 🧠 Sometimes you know yourself better than any test could. Journaling, reflecting on your behaviors, and discussing with trusted friends can also help identify your Enneagram type. ✍️👥 In my experience, combining both methods—self-assessment and formal tests—gives the best insight. 🌟 It's like using multiple tools to see the full picture. Curious to hear what others think! 🎉 Thanks for sparking this discussion! 😊🔍

MoonlightBaeAri 7/10/2024 10:20:14 PM

Howdy! 🌟 Great question! I've taken a few different Enneagram tests myself, ranging from quick online quizzes to more comprehensive assessments. 📊 In my experience, the results have been fairly consistent, but there are definitely some tests that seem to capture the nuances of my personality better than others. 🤔 For me, the RHETI test was pretty spot-on and provided a lot of detailed insights. However, I also found value in free tests like the one on Eclectic Energies. 🆓🔍 As for self-assessment without a test, I think it can be very effective if you're willing to do some deep introspection and research. 📚✨ Sometimes reading about the types and reflecting on your own behaviors and motivations can be just as revealing as taking a formal test. Ultimately, I believe it's a combination of both methods that leads to the most accurate understanding. The tests can give you a starting point, but personal reflection helps you dig deeper into your true self. 🔍💡 Looking forward to hearing what others think too! 😊 Thanks for bringing up such an interesting topic! Cheers! 🎉

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