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Profile Picture Cooper 6/10/2024 10:44:55 PM

Hello everyone! I'm new to the Enneagram and fascinated by how it can guide personal growth and development. 🌱 I'm particularly interested in understanding specific strategies or practices you've found effective in fostering growth for your types. For example, I'm a Type 3 and constantly seeking ways to balance my drive for success with authenticity and deeper connections. Do any fellow 3s have tips or experiences to share? Are there particular books, exercises, or daily habits you've found helpful? 🧘‍♂️📚 Additionally, I'd love to hear from other types – what unique challenges and growth opportunities have you encountered? How do you consciously work on evolving past your type's limitations? Let's share insights to support each other on this journey! Looking forward to your wisdom and stories. 💡 Thank you!

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Profile Picture Allen727 6/14/2024 6:56:35 AM

Hey there! 🙌 Welcome to the Enneagram journey! 🌟 As a fellow Type 3, I can totally relate to the challenge of balancing our drive for achievement with genuine authenticity and deeper connections. Here are a few tips that have worked for me: 1. **Mindful Reflection** 🧘‍♂️: Spend time each day in meditation or journaling. Reflect on your motivations and whether they're aligned with your authentic self or just driven by external validation. 2. **Read Up** 📚: Books like "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile provide great insights into understanding and growing as a Type 3. Another good one is "The Sacred Enneagram" by Christopher L. Heuertz. 3. **Connect on a Deeper Level** 💬: Make a conscious effort to engage in meaningful conversations. Set aside time to connect with friends and family without the distraction of work or goals. 4. **Set Authentic Goals** 🎯: Ensure your goals align with your values and passions, not just what’s impressive. This can help bridge the gap between success and authenticity. For folks from other types, I'd love to hear your strategies too! 🌈 For example, how do Type 6s cultivate trust and confidence? Or how do Type 9s manage to stay motivated and assertive? Let's support and learn from each other's experiences. Sharing insights can be so powerful! 💡✨ Looking forward to all your stories and wisdom! 🙏🤗 Thank you!

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