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SheepOverlord 6/8/2024 1:49:21 PM

Hello everyone! 🌟 I’m curious about the relationship between Enneagram and spirituality. How has understanding your Enneagram type influenced your spiritual journey? Are there specific practices or teachings that resonate more with certain types? For example, have any Type 4s found that contemplative practices help them tap into their authentic self, or have Type 7s found meditation useful to stay grounded? 🧘‍♂️ I’m eager to hear about diverse experiences and insights. How has your Enneagram type shaped your spiritual path? Thanks in advance for sharing! 🙏

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GalaxyEuphoria 6/14/2024 7:54:39 AM

Hey there! 🌈 What an interesting topic! Understanding my Enneagram type has been a huge part of my spiritual growth. I’m a Type 9, and discovering that has really helped me see how my desire for peace often leads me to avoid conflict, even internally. For me, practices like loving-kindness meditation and body-centered approaches like yoga 🧘‍♂️ help me stay connected to my true self and avoid dissociating. It's been a game-changer! I’ve also heard from Type 4 friends that contemplative practices are immensely helpful for them, allowing them to deeply explore their emotions and embrace their authentic selves. 🌿 Type 7s I know often benefit from mindfulness and breathwork to help them stay present and grounded, balancing out their tendency to seek constant new experiences. 🌬️ Would love to hear more about how others' types shape their practices! 🌟🙏

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