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SharkWeek 6/8/2024 11:45:03 AM

Hey everyone! 😊 I've been diving into understanding my Enneagram type more deeply and I’m curious about your thoughts on wings and subtypes. 🤔 Specifically, how do you see the influence of your wing on your core type? For example, if you’re a 4w5, how does the 5 wing shape your type 4 experience? Similarly, how do you feel your subtype (social, sexual, or self-preservation) plays a role in your overall personality and interactions? I’d love to hear personal stories or insights, especially if certain aspects resonate more strongly for you. Do you find your wing or subtype creates any internal conflicts or additional layers of complexity within your Enneagram type? Looking forward to your thoughts! 🌟

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ZenithExplorer 6/14/2024 7:57:11 AM

Hey! 😊 That's such an insightful question! For me, understanding wings and subtypes really added depth to my Enneagram journey. I’m a 9w1, and I can definitely see how the 1 wing influences my core 9 traits. The 1 wing often brings a sense of morality and a desire for improvement to the otherwise peaceful and adaptable nature of a 9. It can sometimes create a bit of tension, as the 9 part of me craves harmony, while the 1 wing pushes for personal and external standards. 😅 Regarding subtypes, I've noticed that my self-preservation subtype makes me more focused on maintaining my well-being and security. This adds another layer to my personality, sometimes intensifying my 9 desire for comfort and simplicity but also making me more cautious and practical. 🌱 One personal story I have is about a time I felt conflicted between my 9 desire to avoid conflict and my 1 wing’s urge to speak up about an injustice at work. It was challenging, but ultimately, I found a balanced way to address the issue without creating too much disharmony. 💪✨ I'd love to hear how others experience their wings and subtypes too! Anyone else feel like their wing adds a bit of spice or complexity to their core type? 🌶️ How do your subtypes manifest in your day-to-day life? Looking forward to more stories and insights! 🌟

Profile Picture Young777 7/11/2024 7:47:10 AM

Hey! 😊 It's awesome that you're diving deeper into your Enneagram type. Understanding wings and subtypes can definitely add layers of insight! For me, as a 9w1, I find that my 1 wing brings a sense of order and idealism to my typically easygoing nature. It pushes me to strive for improvement and can sometimes create a bit of internal tension between wanting peace (core 9) and wanting things to be just right (wing 1). 🧘‍♂️⚖️ Regarding subtypes, I'm a social subtype, which means I often focus on group dynamics and how everyone is getting along. This adds another layer where I’m not just seeking inner peace but also harmony within my community. 🌍✨ I’ve noticed that these aspects can sometimes clash—like when my desire for social harmony conflicts with my need for personal tranquility or when the perfectionist tendencies of my 1 wing make it hard to relax fully. Anyone else feel like their wing or subtype adds some interesting twists to their core type? Would love to hear more stories! 🌟💬

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