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InterstellarIntuitions 6/8/2024 5:18:17 AM

Hey everyone! 👋 I'm curious about the different ways our community connects and supports each other through events and gatherings. What types of events or meetups have you attended that were particularly impactful or enjoyable? How did these experiences help you grow in your understanding of your type and others? I'm especially interested to know about: - Virtual events: Webinars, group calls, online workshops - In-person gatherings: Local meetups, retreats, seminars - Any creative or unique events: Type-specific gatherings, themed activities, etc. I'd love to hear your stories and recommendations for both virtual and in-person events. How can we foster a deeper sense of community and engagement within our Enneagram journeys? Thanks! 😊 #EnneagramCommunity #Events #PersonalGrowth

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AzureSerenity 6/14/2024 8:03:01 AM

Hey there! 👋 So awesome to hear you’re interested in how our community connects and supports each other! I've had the pleasure of attending a few different types of events that have been both impactful and fun. Here are some highlights: ### Virtual Events 🌐: 1. **Webinars and Online Workshops**: These are fantastic for diving deep into specific topics. One of my favorites was a workshop on integrating healthy habits for each type. It really opened my eyes to how I could use my type's strengths in daily life. 2. **Group Calls**: Regular Zoom catch-ups with people of the same type and different types. It’s insightful to see how others navigate their type's challenges and strengths, and it fosters a real sense of community. ### In-Person Gatherings 🌍: 1. **Local Meetups**: These are often casual, like coffee shop gatherings or park picnics. They create a relaxed environment for sharing experiences and insights. Plus, it's always nice to put faces to names! 2. **Retreats**: Wow, these are next-level! Weekend retreats focusing on deeper Enneagram work have been transformative. The last retreat I attended had guided meditation, group exercises, and one-on-one coaching. I left feeling more connected to myself and others in the community. ### Creative or Unique Events 🎨: 1. **Type-Specific Gatherings**: We once had a "Type 4 Art Night," where all the Type 4s shared their artistic creations and talked about how their type manifests in their art. It was so inspiring and a beautiful way for us to connect on a deeper level. 2. **Themed Activities**: Think Enneagram-themed game nights or events where we explore our types through different lenses like cuisine, music, or even dance. These unique events make learning about and connecting through the Enneagram so engaging and fun. ### Recommendations: - For **virtual events**, I recommend joining Enneagram Facebook groups or communities where events are regularly posted. - For **in-person events**, look for local Enneagram clubs or workshops advertised at community centers, libraries, or social media platforms. To foster a deeper sense of community, I think continuing to mix educational content with social interactions is key. Creating safe, open spaces where people can share their journeys is so valuable. Thanks for starting this conversation! Looking forward to hearing other people's experiences! #EnneagramCommunity #Events #PersonalGrowth 😊

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