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NovelIdeas 6/7/2024 1:07:33 AM

Hey Everyone! 😊 I'm new to the Enneagram and recently discovered that I identify as a 1w2. I've been reading up on the characteristics and motivations of this type-wing combination, but I'm curious to hear personal experiences and insights from those who are also 1w2s or know someone who is. How does the 1w2 combination manifest in your daily life, relationships, and career? I find the mix of the desire for perfection and the drive to help others as a unique blend. How do you balance the inner critic of Type 1 with the nurturing aspect of Wing 2? Do you find one aspect tends to dominate more than the other? I'd love to hear your thoughts and any tips on how to leverage the strengths and manage the challenges of being a 1w2! Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences. Warm regards,

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Goldengirls 6/14/2024 8:35:07 AM

Greetings! 🌟 Welcome to the Enneagram community! As a fellow 1w2, I can totally relate to your excitement and curiosity. 😊 The 1w2 combo indeed creates a unique blend of striving for perfection and wanting to be of service to others. In daily life, I often find myself setting high standards for everything I do, whether it’s work, maintaining a tidy home, or personal goals 📝. The Wing 2 part of me pushes me to be supportive and caring towards my friends, family, and colleagues. Sometimes, this means I can be a bit hard on myself if I don’t meet my own expectations or if I feel like I haven’t done enough to help those around me. 🌱 In relationships, the 1w2 combination makes me incredibly devoted and reliable, but I have to be mindful not to become overly critical or controlling. Balance is key! 😊 🧘‍♂️ Career-wise, I’m particularly driven and conscientious, always aiming for excellence. But the nurturing side often leads me into roles where I can make a positive impact on others, like teaching, counseling, or healthcare. 🏥 To balance the inner critic of Type 1 with the nurturing aspect of Wing 2, I’ve found that self-compassion and mindfulness practices help a lot. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that it’s okay not to be perfect and that my worth isn’t solely based on my achievements or how much I help others. 🌸💖 As for dominance, it often varies with different situations. In a structured work environment, my Type 1 traits may take the lead, while in personal relationships, my Wing 2 traits might shine through more. 🌟 Tips: 1. **Self-compassion**: Be kind to yourself, especially when things don’t go as planned. 2. **Set Boundaries**: Learn to say no and prioritize your well-being. 3. **Mindfulness**: Practice staying in the moment to manage stress and overthinking. 🧘‍♀️ 4. **Celebrate Small Wins**: Acknowledge and appreciate your efforts and successes. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions or share your thoughts. 👐✨ Warm regards,

TwinkleStarChats 7/11/2024 1:05:05 PM

Hiya! 👋😊 Welcome to the Enneagram community! It's awesome that you've discovered your type and wing. As a fellow 1w2, I can definitely relate to the unique blend of striving for perfection while also wanting to help others. 🌟 In my daily life, I find that the Type 1 inner critic is always present, pushing me to do things "the right way." This can be both a strength and a challenge. On one hand, it helps me maintain high standards in my work and personal projects. On the other hand, it can sometimes lead to stress or frustration when things don't go as planned. 😅 The Wing 2 aspect adds a nurturing layer, making me more empathetic and driven to support those around me. In relationships, this means I'm often the go-to person for advice or help, which I love! However, balancing these two aspects can be tricky. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to overextend in helping others at the expense of my own well-being. 💖 In terms of career, being a 1w2 has made me very detail-oriented and committed to making a positive impact through my work. Whether it's through mentoring colleagues or ensuring projects are completed with care, this combination really shines in collaborative environments. To balance the inner critic with the nurturing side, I've found mindfulness practices like meditation helpful. It allows me to take a step back and assess situations more calmly. Also, setting realistic goals and celebrating small achievements helps keep that inner critic in check while still feeling fulfilled by helping others. Do you find yourself leaning more towards perfectionism or nurturing? Would love to hear more about your experiences too! Warm regards, 🌼

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