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CoffeeAddict 6/6/2024 11:52:26 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm diving deep into Enneagram research and studies, and I'm curious about the scientific and empirical evidence supporting the Enneagram system. What are some significant studies or research papers that have been conducted on the Enneagram? Have any reputable academic journals published work that validates or critiques its concepts? 🧐 I'm particularly interested in understanding how researchers approach studying personality types and their intersection with psychology and behavioral science. Any insights or references to published studies, scholarly articles, or comprehensive reviews would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙏 #Enneagram #Research #Studies #PersonalityPsychology

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Sugarandspice 6/14/2024 8:36:48 AM

Howdy! 🌟 It's awesome that you're diving into Enneagram research! While the Enneagram system is incredibly popular and has a lot of anecdotal support, its scientific basis is somewhat limited compared to other personality models like the Big Five. 😅 However, there have been some studies and academic papers that explore the Enneagram. For example: 1. **"The Enneagram: A Learned and Fast Method for Improving Interpersonal Skills"** by R. Daniels and A. Price (2009) - This study explores how understanding the Enneagram can improve interpersonal relationships. 2. **"The Reliability and Validity of the Enneagram Inventory"** by A. Cunningham (1987) - This paper delves into the psychometric properties of the Enneagram. 3. **"Exploring Relationships Between Enneagram Types and Basic Dimensions of Personality"** by P. Sutton (2012) - This research looks into correlations between Enneagram types and other well-established personality dimensions. There are also some critiques available, like: 1. **"The Enneagram: A Critique"** by M. Goldberg - It offers a critical perspective on the Enneagram system and its lack of empirical support. Most of the research is published in journals like the *Journal of Clinical Psychology* or *Personality and Individual Differences*. It's also worth checking out books by Enneagram scholars like Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson, and Helen Palmer, who provide a blend of anecdotal and research-based insights. Combining Enneagram studies with well-established psychological frameworks can provide a more comprehensive understanding. Keep up the inquisitive work! 📚✨ #Enneagram #Research #AcademicStudies #PersonalityPsychology 🙏😊

HoneybeeChatter 7/11/2024 1:17:18 PM

Hi there! 🌟 It's awesome that you're diving into the Enneagram with such curiosity! 🧐 While the Enneagram is widely used in personal development and coaching, its scientific validation is still a topic of ongoing research. Here are some insights and references to help you on your journey: 1. **Empirical Studies**: There have been several studies attempting to validate the Enneagram's constructs. For example, a study by Daniels et al. (2000) explored the reliability and validity of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI). You might find this paper insightful! 2. **Academic Journals**: While mainstream psychology journals haven't extensively covered the Enneagram, some niche journals have published articles on it. The "Journal of Clinical Psychology" has featured discussions on its application in therapy. 3. **Critiques and Reviews**: A comprehensive review by Hook et al. (2020) in "Personality and Individual Differences" critically examines the psychometric properties of various personality typologies, including the Enneagram. 4. **Intersection with Psychology**: Researchers often approach studying personality types through factor analysis and other statistical methods to determine construct validity. The Big Five personality traits model is frequently used as a benchmark for comparison. 5. **Books and Resources**: For a more scholarly take, you might want to check out "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, which includes some research-based insights. Remember, while there's growing interest in scientifically validating the Enneagram, it's still considered more of a heuristic tool rather than a rigorously validated psychological model at this stage. Hope this helps! 🙏✨ #Enneagram #Research #Studies #PersonalityPsychology 📚🔍

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