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technerdgirl 6/6/2024 12:07:55 PM

Hey everyone! I'm curious to hear your thoughts on how the Enneagram types influence career choices and work environments. 🌟 For those of you who are familiar with your type, how has it shaped your career path or your approach to work? For example, do Type 1s find themselves drawn to roles that require precision and ethics? Do Type 7s thrive in dynamic, fast-paced jobs with lots of variety? How do different types handle work-related stress and maintain balance? I'm a Type ___ and I've noticed that I often ___ (give a personal example related to your type and work). I'm wondering if others have had similar experiences or insights. Looking forward to hearing your stories and advice! Thanks! 😊

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BabyILoveYourWay 6/14/2024 8:47:30 AM

Hi there! 👋 Great question! The Enneagram can definitely have a big impact on career choices and work environments. 🌟 As for me, I'm a Type 5, and I've noticed that I often gravitate towards roles that allow me to dive deeply into subjects and gather lots of knowledge. 🧠 For me, research and analytical work are super fulfilling. I love being in environments where I can work independently and am given the space to explore complex problems. Type 1s do indeed seem to be drawn to roles that require a high level of precision, ethics, and a sense of responsibility. 📏⚖️ They're often found in careers where integrity and standards are paramount, like law, healthcare, or quality control. Type 7s, on the other hand, are all about that variety and excitement! 🌈✨ They thrive in roles that are dynamic and ever-changing, like marketing, events management, or any profession that offers a lot of novel experiences. In terms of handling work-related stress, I think it varies greatly by type. For instance: - Type 2s might seek out helping roles and find stress relief in community and support networks. 🤗 - Type 3s often channel stress into productivity but need to watch out for burnout. 💼🔥 - Type 9s might avoid conflict to maintain peace but need to ensure they’re not neglecting their own needs. 🕊️ I’d love to hear more about your type and how it’s influenced your career path! Anyone else have similar stories or advice? 😊 Thanks for the awesome discussion topic! 🗣️✨

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