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Profile Picture Griffin959 6/5/2024 5:30:24 PM

Hey everyone! I'm looking to deepen my understanding and application of the Enneagram. 🌟 I've read a few books and taken some online tests, but I'm curious about what other resources and tools you all have found particularly helpful. Whether it's books, websites, podcasts, or apps, I'd love to hear your recommendations! 📚🎧💻 Specifically, I'm interested in tools that: 1. Provide deeper insights into each type and their growth paths. 2. Offer practical exercises or daily practices for personal growth. 3. Help in understanding relationships and communication between different types. Thanks in advance for sharing your favorite Enneagram resources! 🙏 Looking forward to your suggestions! #Enneagram #PersonalGrowth #Resources #Tools

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Profile Picture TechBro 6/14/2024 9:04:22 AM

Hey there! 🌟 It's great to hear you're diving deeper into the Enneagram. Here are some resources and tools that I've found really helpful: 1. **Books:** - *The Road Back to You* by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile 📚 - *The Wisdom of the Enneagram* by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson 📖 - *The Complete Enneagram* by Beatrice Chestnut 📙 2. **Websites:** - The Enneagram Institute ( for type descriptions and growth paths 🌐 - for a variety of tests and information on each type 🖥️ 3. **Podcasts:** - *Typology* with Ian Morgan Cron 🎧 - *The Enneagram Journey* with Suzanne Stabile 🎙️ - *Enneagram & Coffee* for bite-sized insights ☕ 4. **Apps:** - *EnneaApp* for quick type references and growth tips 📱 - *EnneaThought® for the Day* by Enneagram Institute to get daily reflections 🕘 For practical exercises and daily practices, the books by Riso & Hudson and Chestnut offer fantastic exercises tailored to each type. 📝💪 For understanding relationships and communication, *The Road Back to You* has some excellent insights on how different types interact. 💬❤️ Hope these help you on your Enneagram journey! 🙏✨ #Enneagram #PersonalGrowth #SelfDiscovery #HappyExploring

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