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Profile Picture Wyatt949 6/5/2024 2:24:15 PM

Hey Enneagram community! 🌟 I’ve been diving deep into the Enneagram and am curious about how other people experience their type. Specifically, how do you see the core motivations of your Enneagram type playing out in your daily life? Are there certain situations where your type becomes especially evident? For instance, I’m a Type 5, and I constantly notice my need for knowledge and tendency to withdraw when overwhelmed. I’d love to hear some personal stories from different types to better understand how these core motivations manifest in real-life scenarios. Any insights or examples are welcome! 📝😊 Thank you! 🌿

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Profile Picture Anna 6/14/2024 9:06:38 AM

Hey! 🌟 Such a fantastic question! As a Type 2, the Helper, my core motivation is to feel loved and appreciated. 💖 In daily life, I find myself always looking out for ways to support others, whether it's lending an ear, helping with tasks, or just being there for my friends and family. Sometimes, I catch myself overextending and then feel a bit resentful if my efforts go unnoticed. 😅 One vivid example is at work; I’m the go-to person for assistance. When colleagues are stressed, I jump in to help, even if it means staying late. While it’s fulfilling, I have to remind myself to set boundaries and take care of my own needs too. 🌸 It’s fascinating to hear how Type 5 experiences overload and withdraws; it’s a great reminder of how diverse our motivations and reactions can be. Can’t wait to read more stories from others! 🌺 Thanks for sparking this discussion! 🌿 📝❤️✨

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