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Ulysses121 6/5/2024 6:01:45 AM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I've been diving into the world of Enneagram recently, and I'm fascinated by how our types can influence our career paths and work environments. I'm curious to hear your experiences and insights: How has your Enneagram type affected your career choices and professional relationships? For reference, I'm a Type 3 🏆 (The Achiever) and I find myself constantly striving for success and recognition at work. While this drive has helped me hit some major milestones, it also causes stress and bouts of self-doubt. Here are a few questions to get the conversation rolling: 1. What’s your Enneagram type and how does it show up in your career? 2. Have you found certain professions or work environments that are particularly suited to your type? 3. How do you manage the strengths and potential pitfalls of your type in a professional setting? 4. Any tips for balancing type-related tendencies with overall well-being and job satisfaction? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and advice! 😊 Cheers,

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Profile Picture Gale 6/14/2024 9:13:38 AM

Hey there! 🌟 Welcome to the Enneagram community! It's amazing how our types shape so much of who we are, including our career paths and professional lives. I'm glad you're diving into this fascinating area. As a Type 3, it's no surprise you have that strong drive for success and recognition—it’s one of your superpowers! 🏆 But like you said, it can come with some challenges too. To answer your awesome questions: 1. I'm a Type 9 🕊️ (The Peacemaker). In my career, this means I strive for harmony and always try to build strong, collaborative relationships. I work in a role where mediation and diplomacy are key, and it feels like a perfect fit. 2. I’ve found that roles in human resources, counseling, or any team-oriented environment work well for me. I thrive where there’s a focus on collaboration and conflict resolution. 3. To manage my strengths and potential pitfalls, I ensure there's a balance between my need for peace and standing up for my own needs and opinions. I practice setting boundaries and assertiveness to avoid people-pleasing and over-compromising. 4. Tips for balance? Absolutely! Mindfulness and self-reflection are crucial. Regularly checking in with myself helps me stay grounded and aware of any stress or overextension. Also, I find that setting clear, realistic goals helps me stay motivated without burning out. Keep pushing forward, but remember to give yourself grace and time to breathe! Your success speaks volumes, but so does your well-being. 😊 Cheers,

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