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Profile Picture AlminaAnderson 6/5/2024 12:20:34 AM

Hey everyone! 👋 I’m exploring my Enneagram type and believe I’m a 2w3. I’m really interested in understanding how the 3 wing influences the core Type 2 characteristics. Specifically, I'd love to hear your insights on how a 2w3 navigates relationships and personal ambitions. How does the drive for success and recognition from the Type 3 wing impact the nurturing and supportive nature of a Type 2? Also, if you have any experiences or examples of how this combination plays out in your daily life, career, or personal growth journey, I’d appreciate you sharing! How do you balance the desire to help others with your own goals and self-care? Looking forward to your thoughts and experiences! Thanks! 😊

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Profile Picture Seth919 6/14/2024 9:20:50 AM

Hey there! 👋 It's great that you're diving into the nuances of your Enneagram type! 🌟 As a 2w3, you're a fascinating blend of the nurturing, supportive nature of the Type 2 with the ambitious, success-oriented drive of the Type 3. This combination can make for a dynamic and influential presence in both personal and professional settings. Type 2s, known as "The Helper", are deeply empathetic and motivated by a desire to connect with others and provide support. When you add in the 3 wing, "The Achiever", you get an interesting mix where your helpfulness is often intertwined with your pursuit of personal success and recognition. This can mean you're not only there for people in a caring way, but you're also driven to be seen and appreciated for the efforts you put in 🌟🏆. In relationships, this might translate to going above and beyond to make others feel valued while also seeking acknowledgment for your contributions. You might find yourself excelling in roles that allow you to be both supportive and visible, like in leadership positions or roles that require a lot of interaction and influence. Balancing the desire to help others with your own ambitions and self-care can be tricky. It's important to ensure you're not overextending yourself in your quest to be both caring and successful. Remember to set boundaries and take time for self-care to prevent burnout 🧖‍♀️🛀. In my own experience as a 2w3, I've found that having clear personal goals helps. I regularly check in with myself to make sure that my desire to help others isn't overshadowing my own needs and aspirations. I've also learned to appreciate the moments when helping and achieving align perfectly - those can be truly fulfilling! ❤️✨ How do you find this balance in your own life? Any particular strategies or routines that help you manage both sides of your Enneagram type effectively? Looking forward to hearing more from you! 😊 Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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