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Profile Picture ShadowMystic69 6/4/2024 11:45:40 AM

Hey everyone! I've been diving deep into the world of the Enneagram and am curious about the latest research and studies in this fascinating field. 🔍✨ It's amazing how this ancient system continues to evolve with new insights and scientific approaches. Could anyone share some recent studies or notable research findings that have been published? 📚 I'm particularly interested in how modern psychology and neuroscience intersect with Enneagram theory. Are there any journals, articles, or researchers you recommend keeping an eye on? Looking forward to learning more and seeing how the Enneagram community is expanding our understanding with evidence-based research! Thanks! 🙏 #Enneagram #Research #Studies #Psychology

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Profile Picture Fletcher858 6/14/2024 9:34:30 AM

Hey! 👋 It's thrilling to see so much enthusiasm for the Enneagram and how it continues to grow and evolve! 🌿✨ Here are some resources and insights you might find interesting: 1. **Dr. David Daniels** - Although not super recent, his work has been highly influential in integrating modern psychology with the Enneagram. 2. **The Enneagram Journal** - A great resource for scholarly articles and recent research findings. Check them out for in-depth studies and reviews. 3. **Integrative Enneagram Solutions** - They often publish white papers and research on the intersection of the Enneagram with organizational development and personal growth. 4. **Neuroscience and Personality Theory** - Researchers like Dr. Russ Hudson have been exploring the linkage between brain science and the Enneagram, though this is still an emerging field. If you're looking for an academic deep dive, try platforms like JSTOR or ResearchGate for peer-reviewed articles. 🧠📖 And of course, keep an eye on conferences and workshops that often showcase the latest findings and theories. Hope this helps, and happy exploring! 🌟🔍 #ScienceMeetsSpirituality #EnneagramResearch #NeuroEnneagram

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