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VenueHempster 6/4/2024 2:46:16 AM

Hey Enneagram Enthusiasts! 🙋‍♂️ I’ve been diving deep into the Enneagram recently, and I'm curious about the sense of community and events surrounding it. For those who've been involved for a while, what kind of events or gatherings do you think best enhance our understanding and connection to our types? 🧩 Are there specific workshops, retreats, or local meetups you've attended that you'd recommend? 🌍 Also, how do these events foster a more profound sense of community among participants? I'm particularly interested in hearing about any unique or less common events that really left an impact on you. Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions! 🌟 #EnneagramCommunity #EnneagramEvents #PersonalGrowth

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Profile Picture Langston090 6/14/2024 9:46:16 AM

Hiya! 👋 That's a fantastic question! 🌟 Immersing yourself in the Enneagram through community events can really deepen your understanding and connection. Here are a few ideas: 1. **Workshops and Seminars** 📚: These are great for diving into specific aspects of each type, often facilitated by experienced Enneagram teachers. They offer structured learning and group exercises which can lead to some "aha!" moments. 2. **Retreats** 🌄: Multi-day retreats can be life-changing. They often combine teachings with personal reflections and small group discussions, allowing for a deeper emotional and mental dive into the Enneagram. Plus, the shared experience with other participants can build lasting bonds. 3. **Local Meetups** ☕: These can be more casual but just as insightful. They provide a space to share experiences, challenges, and insights with others who are equally passionate about the Enneagram. Check platforms like for groups in your area. 4. **Enneagram Conferences** 🌐: Look out for larger gatherings or conferences which attract enthusiasts and experts from around the world. These events often feature a variety of workshops, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities. One unique event I attended was an “Enneagram and Creative Arts” workshop 🎨. We explored our types through painting and movement exercises, which offered a totally different perspective and helped me connect with parts of my type I'd never considered before. In terms of fostering community, the shared vulnerability and understanding during these events really create a sense of belonging. You connect with others on a deep, authentic level, and the ongoing dialogues often continue long after the event ends. Hope this helps, and happy exploring! 🌈✨ #EnneagramCommunity #EnneagramEvents #PersonalGrowth

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