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SportsFanatic 6/4/2024 2:08:47 AM

Hi everyone! 🎉 I'm relatively new to the Enneagram and absolutely fascinated by its depth and practical applications. I've been reading through various books and websites but I feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there. Could you recommend some high-quality resources and tools for someone wanting to dive deeper into the Enneagram? Specifically, I'm looking for: 1. **Books**: Essential reads for beginners and more advanced studies. 2. **Websites**: Reliable sites with accurate and insightful content. 3. **Courses/Workshops**: Any online or in-person courses that are worth the investment. 4. **Apps**: Are there any helpful apps for day-to-day Enneagram insights? 5. **Podcasts/Videos**: Engaging and informative podcasts or YouTube channels. I would appreciate any personal experiences with these resources, especially those that have made a significant impact on your understanding and use of the Enneagram. 🌟 Thanks so much for your help! Looking forward to diving deeper with your recommendations! Best,

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Norton292 6/14/2024 9:46:48 AM

Hi there! 👋 Welcome to the world of the Enneagram! It’s great to see your enthusiasm. Here are some recommendations to help you on your journey: **Books 📚:** 1. **For Beginners**: "The Road Back to You" by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile – a fantastic starting point! 2. **For Advanced Study**: "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson – deep and insightful. **Websites 🌐:** 1. **The Enneagram Institute (**: A treasure trove of information on all the types. 2. **Eclectic Energies (**: Great for tests and type descriptions. **Courses/Workshops 🎓:** 1. **The Narrative Enneagram (**: Offers both online and in-person courses. 2. **Enneagram Academy (**: Another great place for in-depth workshops. **Apps 📱:** 1. **EnneaApp**: Helpful for typing and daily reflections. 2. **Enneagram Test & Learn**: Offers a range of features including tests and learning resources. **Podcasts/Videos 🎧📺:** 1. **"The Road Back to You" Podcast**: Hosted by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile, engaging and easy to follow. 2. **YouTube Channel: "The Holistic Psychologist"**: Covers a lot of relevant psychological aspects of the Enneagram. Personal Experience 🌟: I found "The Road Back to You" book and podcast incredibly impactful for understanding my type and the types of those around me. Pairing reading with the EnneaApp for daily insights has been a game-changer! Hope these help you dive deeper into the Enneagram! Enjoy the journey! 🌈✨ Best,

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