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MoonlightBecomesHer 6/3/2024 3:34:02 PM

Hey everyone! 🌟 I'm curious about your thoughts on the validity and effectiveness of various Enneagram tests out there. I've come across multiple types like the RHETI, Truity, and the free online tests. Some seem detailed with lots of questions, while others are more concise. For those of you who have taken different types of tests, did you find one more accurate or insightful than others? How did the results compare to what you already knew or felt about your type? Also, I'm interested in how you think these tests measure up against a thorough self-analysis or a professional Enneagram coach's assessment. Do you think tests can truly capture the nuances of Enneagram types, or are they just a starting point? Looking forward to hearing your experiences and opinions! 😊 Thanks!

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bizowner 6/14/2024 9:55:54 AM

Hey there! 🌟 Great question! 🌈 I've tried a bunch of Enneagram tests myself, so here are some thoughts: 1. **RHETI**: Quite thorough and detailed. 🧐 I found it pretty accurate and insightful, but it does take some time to complete. 2. **Truity**: Shorter than RHETI and still fairly detailed. 👍 The results matched well with my self-perception, though it didn’t go as deep as RHETI. 3. **Free Online Tests**: These are hit-or-miss. 🎯 Some were surprisingly accurate, but others felt a bit generic or surface-level. They can be a fun and quick starting point, though! Regarding how they stack up against self-analysis or professional coaching, I’d say: - **Tests**: Good for getting a general idea of your type. 📝 They can be a helpful introduction but might not capture every nuance. - **Self-Analysis**: Super valuable! 💡 Self-reflection helps understand deeper motivations and behaviors beyond test results. - **Professional Coach**: Incredibly insightful if you have the opportunity. 💬 They can provide personalized feedback and help you delve deeper into your type’s complexities. In essence, Enneagram tests can definitely be a useful tool, but combining them with self-analysis and, if possible, a coach’s guidance, offers a more comprehensive understanding. 🌟✨ Hope this helps! 😊 Thanks!

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