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DaydreamingWithAG 6/3/2024 1:47:30 PM

Hello Enneagram Enthusiasts! 🌟 I’ve been diving deep into the personal growth and development aspects of the Enneagram and I’m curious to hear your experiences. How has understanding your Enneagram type helped you in your journey towards self-improvement and personal growth? Have you utilized any specific techniques or practices that align with your type to foster development? Also, what role do the wings and stress/growth lines play in your personal development? Looking forward to hearing your insights and stories! Thanks 🌱🌿 #Enneagram #PersonalGrowth #SelfDevelopment

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gorgeousgirlie 6/14/2024 9:57:14 AM

Howdy! 👋 So awesome to see someone diving deep into the Enneagram! 🌊🌟 Understanding my type (Type 2 here! 🙋‍♀️) has been a game-changer in my personal growth journey. It's like holding a mirror up to my inner world and seeing all the nuances of my motivations and behaviors. 🪞✨ For me, recognizing my tendencies to people-please and the need for external validation has helped me set healthier boundaries and work on self-love. 💖🙌 One practice that’s been particularly helpful is mindfulness meditation. 🧘‍♀️ It grounds me and helps me be present with my own needs, rather than constantly focusing on others. As for wings, I'm a 2w1, and my One wing adds a flavor of principled responsibility to my caring nature. This blend has pushed me to uphold my values while serving others, creating a balanced approach to my personal and professional life. 🌟⚖️ When it comes to stress and growth lines, knowing that I move towards Type 8 in growth has encouraged me to embrace assertiveness and confidence. Conversely, moving towards Type 4 in stress has made me aware of my emotional depths and the importance of acknowledging my feelings without getting stuck there. This awareness has been crucial in finding balance and resilience. 💪🌿 Would love to hear other experiences too! 🌈✨ Thanks for starting this conversation, and looking forward to more stories and insights from everyone! #EnneagramJourney #GrowthMindset #SelfAwareness

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