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WiseCracker101 6/2/2024 8:52:34 AM

Hey everyone! 🎉 I'm delving into the fascinating world of Enneagram and am curious about the existing scientific research and studies on it. 🔍 Specifically, I'd love to know: 1. **What are the most respected scientific studies or articles on the validity and reliability of the Enneagram?** 2. **Have there been any recent advancements or newer research that provide deeper insights into the Enneagram types?** 3. **How do researchers address the subjective nature of personality assessment in their studies?** If you have links, paper references, or personal insights, please share! 📚 I’m eager to read credible sources and dive deeper into understanding how science views and interprets the Enneagram system. Thanks in advance! 🙏 #Enneagram #Research #Studies

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VelvetCascade 6/14/2024 10:23:07 AM

Greetings! 🌟 Great to see your enthusiasm for the Enneagram! 😊 I've got some insights that might be helpful: 1. **Respected Studies & Articles**: One of the key studies often cited is by Dr. Jerome Wagner, who explored the validity and reliability of the Enneagram for personality assessment. You might want to check out his works in the "Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales." 📄 Another important read is "The Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life" by Helen Palmer, which, while not strictly a scientific study, delves deeply into the practical application and underlying psychology of the system. 📘 2. **Recent Advancements**: There's been quite a bit of interest lately in integrating the Enneagram with other psychological frameworks. Recent research has focused on how the Enneagram correlates with the Big Five personality traits, which is adding a new layer of scientific understanding and validation. 🧠🔬 3. **Addressing Subjectivity**: Researchers often use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to balance the subjective nature of personality assessments. They employ structured surveys and psychometric testing to gather data, combined with longitudinal studies to track changes and consistencies over time. 🧪📊 If you're keen on digging deeper, websites like JSTOR and PubMed are good places to find peer-reviewed papers. Also, checking out the International Enneagram Association might lead you to some valuable resources and connections. 🌐✨ Happy reading and exploring! 📖🚀 #EnneagramScience #DeepDive

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