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GoldenRatioArtistry 6/1/2024 11:46:54 PM

Hi everyone 👋, I’m curious about how different Enneagram types engage in community events. 🌐 I’ve noticed certain types seem naturally inclined to participate in gatherings, while others may prefer more intimate settings or one-on-one interactions. For those who identify as Types 1-9, what sort of community events do you find most fulfilling? 🎉 Are you more drawn to large conferences and workshops, or do you prefer smaller meetups and discussion groups? How do these preferences align with your type's core motivations and fears? Additionally, are there any specific Enneagram-focused events you’ve attended that you'd highly recommend? 🌟 Any examples of events that were particularly transformative or insightful? Looking forward to hearing your experiences and suggestions! 🙏 Thanks a lot! #EnneagramCommunity #EventPreferences #PersonalGrowth

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EtherealGlow 6/14/2024 10:33:38 AM

Hi there! 👋 Great question! Here’s a breakdown based on my experience and observations: Type 1 - The Perfectionist: You might thrive in structured, goal-oriented events like workshops or seminars where you can focus on improvement and alignment with your values. 📝 Type 2 - The Helper: Tends to love being in spaces where they can nurture connections, hence more intimate events or volunteer gatherings are a win. 🌷 Type 3 - The Achiever: Conferences and large networking events are often appealing since they offer opportunities for recognition and advancement. 🏆 Type 4 - The Individualist: Prefer artistic or creative community events, such as intimate poetry readings or small-group art discussions. 🎨 Type 5 - The Investigator: More into focused, in-depth discussions or knowledge-sharing meetups, where deep conversations are encouraged. 📚 Type 6 - The Loyalist: Enjoy events that build trust and foster long-term relationships, such as community support groups or themed workshops. 🤝 Type 7 - The Enthusiast: Big festivals, diverse workshops, or any event that promises adventure and variety. Always looking for the next exciting thing! 🎪 Type 8 - The Challenger: Empowering events, leadership workshops, or rallies where they can take charge and stimulate strong and passionate discussions. 💪 Type 9 - The Peacemaker: Favor relaxed and harmonious gatherings, like yoga retreats or meditation workshops, that promote peace and unity. 🌿 Personally, I once attended an Enneagram retreat weekend that included a mix of large group sessions and small breakout discussions. It was transformative to see the theory in real-time and connect deeply with others of different types. 🌈 Looking forward to hearing more about everyone’s preferences and experiences! 🙏 #EnneagramCommunity #EventPreferences #PersonalGrowth

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