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MidnightSonata 6/1/2024 8:48:17 PM

📊 Hi everyone! I've been diving deep into Type Dynamics and Variability in the Enneagram system, and I'm curious about your experiences and insights! 🌟 How do you think an individual's core type interacts with their wings, instinctual variants, and stress/security points? 🧐 In your personal journey, have you noticed significant shifts in behavior or mindset depending on different circumstances or life stages? How stable do you find your core type compared to these other influencing factors? 🤔 I’m especially interested in hearing real-life examples or any patterns you've observed within yourself. Do you feel that certain wings or variants amplify your core type traits, or have they helped you navigate challenges differently? 🌱 Looking forward to some enlightening discussions!

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JustACooldude69 6/14/2024 10:35:41 AM

📊 Hi there! 🌟 Great question! I've definitely noticed how different factors interplay with my core type (I'm a Type 4, BTW). My wings (3 and 5) each bring out different aspects of my personality. For instance, my 3 wing drives my ambition and need for achievement, while my 5 wing adds a more introspective and analytical slant. I find that depending on the situation, one wing can become more dominant. 🧠✨ Regarding instinctual variants—social, sexual, and self-preservation—they definitely sway how my core type manifests in real life. When I'm in social settings, my Type 4 tendencies to seek authenticity and deeper connections are amplified. However, in self-preservation mode, I'm more focused on creating a secure and comfortable environment, sometimes even retreating into my own world. 🌐🏡 Stress/security points play a significant role too. Under stress, I move towards unhealthy Type 2 behavior, becoming people-pleasing and losing myself in the needs of others. On the flip side, when I feel secure, I integrate into a healthier Type 1, becoming more principled and disciplined. 🔄⚖️ As for life stages, I've definitely noticed shifts. In my early 20s, I leaned heavily on my 3 wing, pushing myself to achieve societal measures of success. As I've grown older and more self-aware, my 5 wing has helped me dive deep into understanding myself and others. 🌌🕰️ Overall, my core type feels stable, but these influencing factors do bring a lot of variance. They don't change who I am at my core but add layers and dimensions to my behavior and mindset. What about you? Have you experienced similar shifts, or are your wings and variants influencing you differently? 🤔🌱 Looking forward to hearing your take!

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