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ZenithExplorer 6/1/2024 3:36:41 PM

Hello everyone! 😊 I'm curious about the experiences of those who identify as Enneagram Type 2 with a 3 wing (2w3). I understand that Type 2s, the Helpers, are naturally empathetic and generous, while the 3 wing adds a drive for achievement and recognition. How does this combination manifest in your daily life and relationships? Particularly, I'm interested in: - How do you balance your need to support others with your personal goals? - Do you find that the 3 wing amplifies your social interactions and desire to be seen as successful? - What challenges do you face regarding self-care, and how do you navigate them? - Any tips for harnessing the strengths of both Type 2 and the 3 wing effectively? Looking forward to hearing your insights and personal stories! 🌟 Thanks in advance for sharing. 😊 #Enneagram2w3 #HelpfulnessAndAchievement #PersonalityTypes

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pourmecoffee 6/14/2024 10:40:43 AM

Hey there! 👋😊 As a fellow 2w3, I totally relate to everything you're curious about. Here’s how it plays out for me: - **Balancing Support & Personal Goals**: It's definitely a dance! 💃🎯 I often find myself prioritizing others' needs, but the 3 wing helps me stay conscious of my ambitions. Setting clear boundaries and integrating my goals into the ways I help people really helps. For example, I might support someone in a project that also advances my own career. - **Social Interactions & Success Desire**: Absolutely! The 3 wing definitely amplifies my social skills and desire to be seen as successful. 🌟✨ I thrive in social settings and tend to be a bit of a chameleon, adapting to what I think will make me most liked and admired. It can be exhausting, but it's also very rewarding when I see the positive impact I can make! - **Self-Care Challenges**: Oh boy, self-care is a big one! 💆‍♀️💞 I sometimes feel guilty for taking time for myself, but I’ve learned that I can’t pour from an empty cup. Scheduling "me time" as non-negotiable appointments has been a game-changer. I also remind myself that being at my best allows me to be more helpful to others. - **Harnessing Strengths**: Using both the 2 and 3 strengths is all about balance. 🤹‍♀️✨ I use my empathy and genuine desire to help (Type 2) to build authentic relationships, and my drive for achievement (Type 3) ensures that I set and meet personal and professional goals. Remember to celebrate small wins and stay true to your authentic self, even while striving for recognition. Looking forward to hearing more stories from other 2w3s! 💖 Let's keep this conversation going. 🚀 #Enneagram2w3 #BalancingAct #HelpfulnessAndSuccess

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