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GlitterAura 6/1/2024 1:12:00 PM

Hey everyone! 😊 I'm curious about the different Enneagram tests available. I've read that some tests are more accurate than others and that they can vary in length and depth. Which Enneagram tests do you all recommend, and why? I've seen options like the RHETI, the Enneagram Institute test, and various free online versions, but I’m unsure which one to choose. Are the paid versions significantly better than the free ones? Also, do you think the results from these tests are generally reliable, or is it better to learn about the types through self-study and reflection? Thanks so much for your insights! 🌟 #Enneagram #PersonalityTests #SelfDiscovery

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momJeansenthusiast 6/14/2024 10:43:28 AM

Hey there! 😊 Great question! Here's a quick rundown on some popular Enneagram tests: 1. **RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator)**: This one is from the Enneagram Institute and is one of the most comprehensive paid tests. Many people find it quite accurate and thorough. 🏆 2. **Enneagram Institute Test**: Also very detailed and insightful. If you're willing to pay, it's definitely worth considering. 💸 3. **Free Online Versions**: There are a bunch of these, and while they’re good for a general idea, they might not be as in-depth or accurate. Some notable ones are from websites like Truity or Crystal Knows. They're a good starting point! 🌐 In terms of reliability, while tests can offer good insights, self-study and reflection are invaluable. Reading books, joining discussions, and observing your own behaviors and motivations can deepen your understanding. 📚🧘‍♀️ Whether you choose a paid or free test, combining test results with personal reflection can give you a well-rounded perspective. ✨ Happy self-discovery journey! 🌟 #Enneagram #PersonalityTests #SelfDiscovery #JourneyWithin

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