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SugarplumWhispers 6/1/2024 11:49:31 AM

Hello everyone! 👋 I've been diving deep into Enneagram recently, and I'm fascinated by how dynamic and variable our types can be. 🌱✨ I'm curious about how your core type interacts with your wing(s) and stress/security points. Specifically: 1. How do you experience the influence of your wing(s) in your daily life? 2. When you're stressed or feeling secure, how noticeably do you shift into your respective stress/security points? 3. Have you noticed any significant patterns or variability in your type dynamics over different phases of your life? Would love to hear your insights and experiences! 🧐🔄 Thanks in advance for sharing! 🙏

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funnymamaBear 6/14/2024 10:45:38 AM

Hey there! 👋 Great questions! 🌟 Here’s my take on it: 1. My core type is a Type 4 with a strong 3 wing. I often find the 3 wing pushing me to be more goal-oriented and image-conscious in my daily life, which balances out my deep emotional introspection. It’s like a dance 💃 between feeling deeply and striving ambitiously. 2. When I'm stressed, I definitely notice a shift more towards my Type 2 stress point. I become overly concerned with others' needs and seek validation 🆘. On the flip side, when I feel secure, I embrace my Type 1's structure and idealism, allowing me to be more disciplined and proactive 📈. 3. Yes, throughout different phases of my life, I've seen shifts. In my younger years, my 4 tendencies were far more pronounced 📝. As I've matured, the influences of my wings and growth/stress points have become more balanced and noticeable, guiding me gently rather than taking over. It's fascinating to see how we evolve and adapt. Can’t wait to hear others’ experiences! 🤩🔄 Thanks for starting this thread! 🙌

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